GMK-ARCHITECTURE ltd was formed in 2005  in the United States of America ( USA) as subsidiary company of Lupton Rausch International Company of Columbus, Ohio. To get involved in the rebuilding of Africa and Rwanda in particularly, the firm operates as a full architectural firm with headquarters in Kigali since June 2006 . Our firm is operating in Rwanda , Burundi, Congo, and Mali with our partners from Kenya ( Blink limited ), from Ethiopia (Sieshi Consult ), form USA ( Lupton Rausch), and Mali ( ASTEC, s.a.r.l)

GMK Architecture LTD is one of the most established architectural practices in Kigali and the region. For over 10 years, we have delivered innovative and sustainable design solutions for a wide range of developments through our multidisciplinary expertise in town and master planning, urban design, architecture, engineering and interior design. Our focus is designing built environments that enrich and transform people’s lives.


GMK ARCHITECTURE ltd is establishing itself in Africa and Rwanda, in particular, as a firm committed to technical expertise and design excellence. Composed of a group of highly talented and innovative individuals, we have consistently proven the reputable value of our service by providing creative, responsible design solutions that support the long-range business strategies of our clients.



Defining the Cities of Tomorrow and to define how cities look, how cities feel, and how cities work.



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Design Excellence

We believe in the extraordinary power of design to influence the quality of life.


  • We stake our reputation and found our relationships on honesty, trust, respect and financial integrity. We desire clients who believe in the same.
  • Create fair opportunities for staff to grow in their careers and experiences
  •  Serve our clients and staff in a passionate, productive and positive manner


We question accepted methods in order to access improved processes and technologies.


We iterate in a co-creative process with clients, consultants and contractors.


We lead by example, providing clients with projects that are environmentally sustainable and responsible.


  • We evangelize the power of design through teaching, mentorship, community involvement and public speaking.
  • -we continue to learn, improve and mentor