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Architecture can change the world.

From the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Shard in London and Marina Sands in Singapore to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Spain and the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing, one must truly wonder, what an amazing spectacle of contemporary architectural prowess.

Or, have you looked at the astonishing resemblance between the AWWA Sky Whale concept aircraft and a whale? The synchrony between imagination, motivation and design is just awe amazing.

However, amidst all this, have you pondered how architecture could actually change the world?

Just think about the places in which we live, work and spend time. What we see is that they all have certain effects on our lives, ranging from our psychology to our health. We spend most of our time at work and even though it is possible to shape our houses according to our needs and pleasure, offices are mostly designed to make us start waiting for the end of the day as we step in.

Just close your eyes though and imagine your dream working place; one with a beautiful courtyard that has lots of trees and flowers and one which is full of daylight instead of artificial lighting. In that office, the floor and the tables are all made out of wood and the place is full of books, paintings on the wall and has a certain kind of music in its architectural spirit. Even thinking about it makes us smile, doesn’t it? So can you imagine how productive it could be for a company to have all those workers who love spending time at work?

Or, which is your favorite place to eat or which city do you love the most and why? The answers are mostly somehow related to architecture. We love the streets and the buildings in our favorite cities, we love the beautiful vista of our favorite restaurant, we love the shadows on our balcony during the sunset etc. All those examples mean that architecture is much more powerful as we think much more deeply about it. It has much more effects on our psychology, even on our motions and emotions!

Architecture offers a way to change the world and we have moved to contribute to this change by shaping the way future cities look.


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