Strategically located on a prominent corner in Kigali and adjacent to the parliament, the 15 stories elegantly articulated high-rise accommodates retails, offices and luxury apartments on the last floors.

The building’s exterior façade has deep set windows that cast shifting shadows, dramatically changing the facade’s appearance over the course of the day. The project sensitively addresses the character of its urban setting. The 15-story tower is set back from the street not only to provide an open generous plaza for the general public, but also to respond to the lower scale of nearby buildings.

The building aligns with the street grid; transparent panels in north- and south-facing pleats maximize daylight penetration, while opaque panels in east- and west-facing pleats minimize solar thermal gain. This strategy reduces central plant load by nine percent, while lending visual dimension and drama to the facade.

Day lighting is optimized inside the building by locating all major spaces, like the lettable spaces, at the building perimeter. In addition, each floor is organized around an open central volume whose monumental skylight delivers daylight into the heart of the building — and provides a second source of natural illumination for the interior spaces. In addition, it is fully ventilated naturally through open large glass windows and an atrium


Location: Gishushu, Kigali-Rwanda
Surface Area: 31,796.5m2
Completed: 2016