NISR (National Institute of Statistic of Rwanda) Training Centre

Located in the heart of Kigali central business district, the facility is an 8 stories building designed to accommodate the new training centre for the NISR. It covers a gross floor area of 5603.6 m2. The new extension encompasses a parking basement for 33 cars, a main store on the level 1, training classrooms, three amphitheaters, one library, archives, one restaurant plus a kitchen and a board meeting room.

The main concept is to create a friendly relationship with the existing environment and integrate the local culture and history through the use of hand-woven Rwandan traditional baskets. A concept that today is translated in most cases to imply the storehouse for wealth. The fa├žade elements were inspired from the traditional hand-woven basket commonly known and used in so many ways by Rwandans. By borrowing this idea, the proposed new training centre for NISR will reflect aspects of environmental sustainability and it celebrates Rwanda’s economic achievements and resilience. In order to break the barrier between the inside and outside, naturally ventilate the building, to maximize the view to the surrounding magnificent sky line and allow in enough natural light all year round, we are using high performant windows and curtain wall glass technology, along with innovative sun shading devices.


Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Surface Area: 5603m2
Completed: Under Construction