Located in the heart of Kigali business district, the eight stories office building occupies a prominent corner site. The new building exploits the sustainable paradigm of maximizing the environmental benefits of a compact, low rise form with an efficient design that reduces the need for mechanical cooling systems and artificial lighting. The building’s core mass absorbs heat and limits its reliance on mechanical ventilation. The facade is composed of a package of different layers. The outermost skin is a perforated metal panel system specially designed to protect the upper office floors oriented South-East from the direct sun radiation.
During daylight hours it is only possible to see through the perforated metal panels at close range, but it becomes transparent by night when lights shine through from inside. The floor-to-ceiling windows slide open, so occupants can choose whether they want the breeze to flow into the building or not.
All these various sustainable measures ensure environmental responsibility, and energy optimization.


Client: Petrocom LTD
Location: Kigali City Centre
Surface Area: 13,000 m2
Link: Visit project